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Is It Over Yet?

December 29, 2009

What a season!  I’ve survived four – yes, four – Christmases this year: the first at home with friends, the second at my mother’s, the third at my boyfriend’s parents’ house, and the fourth with my dad.

Yes, I am …

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

December 24, 2009

You know what I’m really, really into right now? Things that don’t go together. Not in the “stripes and plaid” way – or the “eighties and anything else please stop with the eighties” way…more in the “casually glamorous” way.…

What About Wednesday: A Question or Two

December 23, 2009


[[Once a week I ask the same bleary-eyed question: “What about Wednesday?” It’s my day to post whatever the hell I feel like, with no regard to fashion, eco-consciousness or, occasionally, even coherent thoughts.]]


Why do you shop sustainably?

Be …

Wednesday’s Sustainable Sales

December 23, 2009

Today’s sales, hosted by Gilt and Gilt Fuse (my favorite family of sample sale sites), features Archipelago Candles & Diffusers and Nugaard Jewelry.

I’ve been curious about diffusers since I saw one in a friend’s bathroom. They’re quite simple …

Monday’s Sustainable Sales

December 21, 2009


Unless you’re willing to pay for overnight shipping, your holiday shopping is now limited to local haunts (which ain’t so bad, ecologically).  So, I’m back to showcasing more selfish sustainable sales – stuff I want for me instead of stuff …

Acquired Aesthetics: Nostalgia Organics Aroma Balm

December 16, 2009

My friends are often mad at me.

I have a really busy schedule, which includes way too many commitments, not enough sleep, and a lot of rain checks for dinner “when I’m not so busy.”  (Yeah, right.)

To be honest, I

Vicarious by Nature: Now on Amazon.com

December 15, 2009

You all know how much I adore eco-friendly designer Vicarious by Nature – hell, I’m even willing to leave the house to make a purchase. But now…I may not have to.

It’s official: Vicarious by Nature is now on

Sustainable Sales: 25% Off at Tobi.com

December 14, 2009

I hate it when marketing works on me.

Online boutique Tobi sent me an email this morning, telling me to “get caught under the mistletoe in something extra special” by using their 25% off coupon code – CAUGHT25 – to …

To Covet: Magenta Fifty Five

December 14, 2009

MATT AND NAT Magenta Fifty Five

Occasionally, I like to post things that I just plain want – whether or not they fit my style, budget, or even my ever-changing mood.  Ergo, the semi-regular To Covet: a category that shows one thing that I’ve been coveting, be

Sustainable Sales: Charmoné – Entire Store 40% Off

December 11, 2009

It has been a while since I last mentioned shoe designer Charmonéalmost four months, in fact – so for those of you that haven’t been shown their eco-friendly, vegan awesomeness, here are the basics from that post:

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