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It’s hard to find all of the things you want, love, and need in the world of ethical fashion. We don’t get a lot of the “luxuries” that slave labor, sweatshops, and mass production offer. But, whining and moaning aside, at least we have denim.

Oh, and do we ever have denim. REUSE is a premium denim company we discovered through the denim megablog, Denim Debutante (& if you’re curious about the quality, she’s got a couple reviews linked in her post!). REUSE stands for “Recycle. Environment. U. Save. Earth.” You save Earth, y’all. You save Earth by looking amazing in recycled premium denim.

REUSE is all about transparency, and while their denim is absolutely 80% recycled… They do admit that their wares are produced in China.

While it may seem counterintuitive, our production process takes place in China. As a region that has long been the center of inexpensive manufacturing, without regard to environmental preservation, China’s landfills are fraught with textile waste, while the air in many urban settings has been deemed unsafe. Notably, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, on certain days, one-fourth of the particulate matter (dust and soot) in Los Angeles originates from China. By helping to reverse the damage in China, we’re not only cleaning-up Asia, but we’re also contributing to a healthier Earth.


Yanking fibers and fabric before they hit wastelands and landfills is absolutely commendable. I would rather have a pair of recycled denim made in China than mass-produced, thoughtless, cheap denim from wherever else. I’d happily wear REUSE with pride.

REUSE ReFashion Skinny Jeans | $95

REUSE ReMembered Straight Leg Jeans | $95

On top of being a fabulous ethical alternative to conventional premium denim, check out these prices. These are atypical premium denim prices. Hell, a pair of Seven For All Mankind or J Brand jeans can run up a bill of almost $200! Snagging some beautiful, recycled jeans for under $100 is almost unheard of.

REUSE ReFreshed Skinny Jeans | $95

Above, you will see my current favorite pair of jeans that REUSE offers. It’s fresh (no pun intended) out of their spring line, and I can’t get over the gorgeous color of the fabric, the gentle distressing, the cut – it’s all just perfect!

If you’re a bit more daring, REUSE also has a few crazy tie-dye jeans in vivid, eye-catching colors. Their select of recycled denim shorts is certainly nothing to sniff at either!

If you’d like to stay up to date on REUSE news, sign up for their newsletter (they hint at promo codes!) or follow their blog. Welcome to the E-List, REUSE! We’re happy to have you.

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May 9, 2011 |

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  2. Bhavana says:

    Oh wow, I have a pair of Reuse jeans and they are AWESOME. Love the soft fabric, love the slim body hugging without being too tight fit, love that I can MOVE and BREATHE and EAT in them, all without sacrificing the sexy good looks of a great pair of jeans! Pricey? Not really, not compared to a lot of jeans today, anyway. I mean, GAP jeans are starting at $70 these days. And I like the Reuse philosophy of recycled materials. Great customer service too. Planning on getting a few new pairs for myself after the holidays!

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