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Do you watch Breaking Bad? I do. I love it. I am possibly in love with the actor who plays Jesse. This may be because, when I was a teenager, I seemed to gravitate toward bad boys of middling height and a skinny frame who are only bad because ~they’re tortured~ and whatever. Also, shaved heads are my weakness.

But I digress.

During the early episodes of Season 4 (season four! oh my god! I promise: no spoilers!) my partner pointed out one of the jackets Jesse was wearing. It was kind of puffy, and warm-looking, and it had a plaid hood. I promised I’d go hunting for a similar jacket for him.

I failed (fashion blogging does not make me magical – that’s Lindsay’s job) but I did find out that Jesse’s jacket of that season’s later episodes was absolutely coveted by everyone who watched the show.


The jacket is probably the Superdry Brad Leather Jacket by Cult, which has also been worn by David Beckham, Josh Duhamel and Justin Bieber. (That last one is a name I’d never thought I’d say on this website…or in general…)

But because this is media, and because leather is the mark of bad boy sex appeal, this jacket is made of the real stuff (aka cow hide) and costs $350.00. Raise your hand (even if you wear leather) if you can afford that.

…do I hear crickets?

I became curious as to whether I could find an ethical field jacket (because that’s what this style essentially is) that would compare to Jesse’s swanky leather coat. I found two great options, both under $100 and both made of organic cotton.

The cut on this jacket is really similar to the Brad Jacket. It’s made by the ethical designers at Threads for Thought, and I love the worn look of it.

Oneill Men’s Civilian Jacket: $58.00 – $71.60

This rain twill slub has a military fit and – fancy shmancy – an organic cotton chambray lining. Amazon is offering it in prices ranging from $58.00 to $71.60 depending on color (black or olive) and size.

I did find one faux leather option, but be warned: it’s PVC, which has its own environmental and health concerns. In short, it takes lots of chemicals to make PVC, which is a huge strain on the environment, and there are concerns that the chemicals within PVC can leech into our bodies and cause long-term damage. Companies in a number of fields (car manufacturing, hospitals, children’s toys) have stopped using PVC “as a precaution” and I know a few people that won’t wear it, ever. At the same time, a number of you are vegans who love their fake leather, so I wouldn’t want to deny you the option!

And it’s on sale, and it has a zip-out hood, and it’s pretty sexy-looking.

What do you think of this fan-favorite jacket?

Images of Jesse are screencaps of Breaking Bad, copyright AMC.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Looking for the puffy one from season 1. Any ideas?

  2. Walter White says:

    im looking for the awesome jacket from s04e07 when the cartel comes to discuss with guss and he has the aoki shirt beneath it.

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