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Before this gets messy… this shirt is not actually magic. If you clicked over looking for something that was more “authentically” or ”literally” magic – I apologize. This post is pure disappointment for you.

But for those of you who don’t mind getting a little fast & loose with your magical boundaries, you are about to be delighted.

Once upon a last week, the magnificent people at Goodfibres sent Jen and me each a shirt from one of their talented artists. They use 100% organic cotton tees and fair-trade sourcing tactics to collaborate with graphic artists on these unique shirts. We’re both graphic tee packrats, and gladly welcomed a new, super-ethical addition.

Jen chose this Owl & Pussycat tee because of the folkloric poem that goes along with it.

Jen’s version of the tale, at the coffee shop, when I asked what it was:

It’s like… I think it’s like this owl & a pussycat that fall in love, but like… No wait. No, that’s right. And they make… [Me: Babies?] No… Not babies. They just wanted to… Well. Ok. The owl & the pussycat can’t be together, so they get on a boat… for a time or two, and go to this island? And then they get married by a talking duck.

I don’t really know.

Wikipedia’s version:

The Owl and the Pussycat set out to sea in a pea green boat with honey and “plenty of money” wrapped in a five pound note. The Owl serenades the Pussycat while gazing at the stars and strumming on a small guitar. He describes her as beautiful. The Pussycat responds by describing the Owl as an “elegant fowl” and compliments him on his singing. She urges they marry but they don’t have a ring. They sail away for a year and a day to a land where Bong-trees grow and discover a pig with a ring in his nose in a wood. They buy the ring for a shilling and are married the next day by a turkey. They dine on mince and quince using a runcible spoon, then dance hand-in-hand on the sand in the moonlight.

Pretty good! The duck would have been a nice touch, I think, but overall I was just impressed with Jen’s recall ability, and wanted to share. I also missed the island.

It should be noted that, within 30 seconds of Jen putting on her Owl & Pussycat t-shirt, she’d received a compliment on it. Not just a “nice shirt” comment, but a full on “let’s have a conversation with high levels of emotion about this article of clothing you’re inhabiting” compliment. Then, as we stepped outside to take a photo, we received directorial suggestions from a lovely passerby who demanded of Jen, “more attitude, girrrrrrl!

Naturally, we were obliged.

That is to say, Jen obliged in the only way Jen knows how: in some kind of 5’0″, secretary gangster Space Captain MC way.

Calling it out and brushing it off, respectively.

I also received an amazing shirt, but you’ll have to stay close by to see it! It’ll be debuted soon…

Also featured: vegan boots by Wanted. Specifically, I believe they are the Wanted Triumph Boots – which are all but sold out. They have so many boots on their site right now – it’s definitely time to jump if you want some vegan boots for winter! The dress is an amazing cotton maxi-dress (super versatile, obviously) that we picked up at Marshalls on a whim.

I kind of feel like a Home Shopping Network announcer, telling you all about what clothes Jen is wearing. But I took the pictures of her, I made her stand outside without a sweater, so I’m telling you about it. It’s only fair.

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