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I was wholly disappointed to find out, last night, that my favorite pair of yoga pants – my only pair of yoga pants – was splitting down the inside seam, pretty much irreparably.  I’m not surprised, since said pants are old as dirt, but I did feel a tiny sense of loss.  We’d been through so much together!  Yoga class, late night runs, DVD marathons with a pint of ice cream and potato chips in hand…

Be that as it may, it’s long past time for me to get a couple of new pairs of “workout pants” (or “lounge around the house pants“).  I promised myself that I would learn how to green my workout wardrobe this year, and now that I don’t have the luxury of time to browse through my favorite brick-and-mortar stores for deals on eco-exercise clothing, I need to just bite the bullet and buy online.  ASAP.  Because I’m supposed to work out tomorrow night, and I really don’t want to work out in pants that have holes in them.

Fitted Pants/Running Tights

I tend to gravitate toward slightly flared yoga pants, because it’s harder to feel self-conscious in a flattering cut…but I have to admit that it’s easier to pay attention to my form when I’m wearing something skin tight. The Organic Cotton Chela Capri will show every muscle, every wrong foot placement, and every single “that’s not muscle” jiggle, but if I actually want to work out correctly, it’s probably worth it.

The Organic Cotton Chela Capri is made using organic cotton, of course, and it also has an inside pocket for your house key (which means I won’t have to hide it in my sports bra).

…damn, these are tight.

But the Dri-FIT Caliente Training Tight is made by Nike, and if anyone knows how to make workout gear, it’s them. These are 57% organic cotton, blended with polyester. From what I’ve read, a cotton-poly blend is the best choice if you want to “wick away moisture” and retain some fabric breath-ability.

Yoga Pants

The Salamba Pant by Athleta has that classic yoga cut I was talking about: it’s flattering, it’s comfortable, and it goes from running to eating toffee coffee ice cream in a snap. It’s also made of the same organic cotton/poly blend as the above styles, has an internal key pocket, and is on sale! (And it’s so pretty in “Midnight.”)

I take that back: these are the ice cream pants. They’re appropriately named The Organic Cotton Chill Pants, and they even have back pockets. It’s like Athleta is demanding that I make a late-night grocery store run in them.

…Other Things

The Organic Cotton Coaster Pants are weird…but I might like them. They have crazy contrast stitching (click the image to see the back pockets – KAPOW!) and entirely too many drawstrings, which makes them almost endearing to me, like that socially-awkward little kid trying to impress his friends.  “Look, I have ALL of the drawstrings. See?  See?

They’re climbing pants! To me the Patagonia Escala Pants look like the ones I wore as a teenager in the nineties – you know, the ones that crinkled? Since these are 98% organic cotton I doubt their crinkle-ability, but I don’t doubt their ability to keep me warm and dry on a hike. They have a nifty angled zipper pocket in the back, too.

And then there’s the Brahma Legging. You know, in case someone needs to be reminded, while you’re sweating and turning bright red and probably making horrible faces, that you’re feminine. Or something.

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