Spring Baths and Organic Lavendar Massage Oil | Awakened Aesthetic

In the next week, I will find time for a long, luxurious bath.

It’s almost too warm for baths  (May, where did you come from?) and for the past five years or so I’ve had this “last bath of Spring” tradition, so damn it, I don’t care how busy I am.  I will luxuriate, and no one will stop me.

Lavender is the ultimate relaxation scent.  Not only does it relieve tension and lessen headaches, it soothes skin, too.  (Try it on bug bites.)  Now that we’re solidly into spring, I’d pour a bit of Kerstin Florian Organic Aromatherapy Oil into my bath, and top it with fresh lavender flowers.  In the meantime, I picked a spring on the way to the bus this morning and have it sitting on my desk, as near to my nostrils as possible, in a little glass of water.

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