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I remember, as a kid, throwing away every aerosol hairspray canister I owned because I, personally, was destroying the earth’s ozone layer by using them. Mind you, this was in the mid-eighties, after federal regulations outlawed the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in aerosol cans, but still. I was an eco-pioneer from a young age, mostly out of guilt.

(Join me in my guilt, and stop using aerosol cans anyway, because the compressed gasses in your aerosol deodorant and hairspray are still bad for the environment.)

Now it’s twenty years later, and instead of depleting the ozone, companies utilize it to manufacture more eco-friendly clothing. I love science.

Left to right: AG Adriano Golschmied Daisy Shorts in Neon Orange, Highlighter Purple and Neon Pink

AG Adriano Golschmied doesn’t tout themselves as an eco brand – their denim isn’t organic and they aren’t experimenting with other sustainable materials – but their business model and manufacturing process is more ethical than you might think. Back in 2009, AG Adriano Golschmied began using Ozone Technology in its manufacturing process.

After being dyed, most denim is rinsed and re-rinsed with lots of water to remove excess dye, then bleached with chemicals to create fading or whiskering and clean up any bleeding on the pocket linings. The end result is a lot of contaminated waste water. Ozone Technology subverts that process, acting as a bleach to disinfect the garment, kill bacteria and clean up the excess dye. The result is lower water consumption and fewer chemicals used to make your jeans ready-to-wear.

AG Adriano Golschmied Daisy Shorts in Sea Blue and Sun

Because AG Adriano Golschmied is vertically integrated – all of their manufacturing is done in-house instead of being outsourced, just like American Apparel – they can guarantee that every single pair of jeans and jean shorts they sell has been manufactured using Ozone Technology. They’re ethical, but not egotistical about it.

Sneaky Eco is my favorite kind of eco.

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