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Small batch, organic ingredients are brought together in simple, beautifully designed glass packaging to make up the blossoming skincare company, Fig + Yarrow.

I came across their products on Sneakpeeq (where the prices were… highly tempting, and I’m still having a problem focusing on this post because I just want to buy everything). I originally noticed them for their packaging, as I will gladly buy something if it’s blowing me away with its design. After a closer look, Fig + Yarrow‘s respect for the environment is very clear.

Their glass bottles are nice, but they’re not for your eyes, only – they are also the environmentally responsible option, due to their recycle-ability. The ingredients in each concoction from Fig + Yarrow prove that they’re more than just another organic skincare company.

Cornmint Lavender Tooth Powder ($12)

This powdery blend is a mix of baking soda, salt and clay with the additions of lavender, cornmint, aloe and myrrh for various aromatherapeutic reasons and also for their antibacterial, soothing abilities, and other magical nature-powers. (Myrrh is apparently great for your gums!) You use the powder the same way you’d use tooth paste – just tap a bit onto your brush, add water, and brush!

The minds behind Fig + Yarrow are just as inspired by flavors as they are scents – and that explains their expansive and creative approach to sensory blends. If Cornmint Lavender wasn’t enough for you, how would you like to try their rosemary, burdock root and nettle hair & scalp tonic!

Fig + Yarrow Clay Mask

 This is what I’m coveting the most and, dudes, before you scroll past all hasty to get to the aftershave, lend me your ears for a second: masks are not lame. Seriously – they aren’t! They are made of cool things like clay! This one is a white mask, but sometimes, they’re black like coal and rocks, and other stuff like that! It’ll help pull all that crap out of your skin that you don’t want, like nasty impurities and it’ll soothe unhappy skin. Plus, if you have a cat, you can enjoy looking at it while wearing a face mask and watching it question its entire existence.

 Check out the rest of Fig + Yarrow‘s inventory on Sneakpeeq, Etsy, or!


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  1. Brittney says:

    This is awesome! I have a hard time finding natural products. Many say that they are until you read what they put into them. I can’t wait to try them

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