Mesh Panels, Lace Strips & Jersey Comfort by Murmuration | Awakened Aesthetic

“Murmuration is a collection that is inspired by nature and refined into clean simple lines that are both modern and approachable at the same time. I find inspiration in everything from objects, such as nautiluses and feathers, lines, and textures found in nature.”

Murmuration was founded by Anna-Marie, or Minkie, and is based out of Portland, Oregon. Minkie taught herself to sew and began designing right away, with a goal of creating interesting yet comfortable designs. Her partners in crime? Her mom (awwww) and her friend Tonya.

Not only is Murmuration woman-owned and operated, its designs are created in small runs and made of tencel and bamboo whenever possible. As you can see, Minkie also uses lace, sheer meshes, silks and jersey, and the tights featured in this post are all made with – this is my favorite part – built in jersey shorts. So good, am I right?

It may not be everything I own lined in fleece, but it does sound damned comfortable.

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  1. Emily says:

    Wow, that mermaid-like maxi skirt has really great lines. And I’m terribly partial to that watercolor top…

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