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Winter came fast! I barely had time to find my cold weather accessories before the temperature dropped. I thought I was really funny when, a few days ago, I took the dog out for a walk, started shivering and exclaimed, “Ned, it’s freezing! What is this, November or something?!”

My dog loves me. Had he a better grasp of English I’m sure he would have laughed just to appease me.

And this is going to sound silly, but I need more “hanging out with my dog” winter clothes. I have a long sleeve shirts, cardigans and sweaters for work, and a couple of pairs of boots I can wear in the snow, but nothing that I can wear to bum around, be warm and look cute. (I require all three.)

I don’t actually know how my idea for winter clothing became so focused on fleece sweatshirts (maybe Haley and I were having a fleece mind meld) but at one point I had eight or ten browser windows open to different websites, searching for organic fleece, recycled fleece, hemp fleece, fair trade fleece, ethical fleece…and with Ned sitting next to me, that search refined itself to organic fleece sweatshirts.

Clockwise from top left: a cave, a fixie bike, an upside down ship, an uncomfortably large mosquito and a full moon for dog walking nights.

It is a weird coincidence that all of these sweatshirts are in shades of grey. It wasn’t intentional; eco-friendly Etsy sellers just seem to like the grey. They all use base shirts by Alternative Apparel: the eco fleece raglan, sweatshirt and hoodie. All three of these styles are made using a blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and rayon.

Clockwise from top left: an anatomical heart (sort of), a big gold owl to watch your back, twin birds, geometric lace and a skull.

Grey sweatshirts, I’m into them…but I cannot wear them alone. I kind of need pants. I also found one sweatshirt that wasn’t grey, but I love it so much that I snuck it in with said pants. My dog thinks I’m a genius.

Inkblot wolf shirt and The Battalion Jaclyn Snap Front Legging.

The color of this Alternative Earth sweatshirt is “heather violet,” and it has inkblot wolves on it. Fancy! The pants though – these skinny, interesting angled pockets and low but not too low rise pants – are also lined in eco fleece (70% bamboo, 25% organic cotton, 5% spandex) and made ethically by The Battalion. I would wear any of the above sweatshirts with these pants and no matter where I went in them I’d feel like I was curled up in bed.

But no driving. Danger of fleece-induced narcolepsy.

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