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This morning, I posted a picture of a teeny tiny bat on my personal Facebook wall, and a friend of mine responded with, “I want to pop him in my mouth.” This is her response to most cute things (including my dog, who she says would be “returned with slobber” if she ever got a hold of him).

Bailey, prepare for owl mouth.

Cart Before the Horse creates modern folk art by hand, and the above owls are painstakingly hand painted using acrylics and tiny brushes. Each folk art owl is made in a limited edition of nine. Their names are Aiden ($100), Albany ($110) and Avery ($90).

The human eyes are creeping me out in a really good way. They also look kind of sleepy.

Cart Before the Horse has a really great blog that details their latest work, commissions, and YouTube videos featuring their designs. They recently finished a commission of a chihuahua and his favorite toy: it is one of the most creative, silly representations of an animal I’ve seen. (Most of the time I don’t even like art made from animal photographs. It’s usually, um, horrible.) Their Etsy, which features a hell of a lot more than just owls, can be found here.

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