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I keep seeing holiday shopping guides that are separated by gender: gifts for guys, gifts for girls, gifts for dad, gifts for mom…it reminds me of the toy isle, with trucks and legos, Barbies and tea sets…

Why are we separating gifts by gender anyway?

These hand-knit striped socks by Muza are listed as a great men’s gift, and I agree, but I’d also like to state for the record that I, as a woman, would wear them all the time. I’d wear them with dresses and tights, oxfords and rolled up skinny jeans…I’d wear the shit out of these socks.

The fin vase by Tokyo Craft Studios, on the other hand, is wonderfully curved and DIY, two things that are seen as typically feminine. The center, though, is a glass test tube, and isn’t science a boy’s game? Oh, stereotypes. They’re so dumb.

Now for something that doesn’t seem gendered to me at all: The Sentinel, an antique skeleton key necklace. First, I love that Cloven named this key. Second, I think it would look stunning hanging low over a shift dress and as an outline beneath a clean white men’s undershirt.

This handmade shelf by the Summery Umbrella, made of reclaimed wood, also seems like a no-brainer for guys and girls. Everyone needs a place to hang their jacket, right? And a jar for keys or driving glasses. I especially like this for a summer house or my grandparents’ place.

Everything on this list costs less than forty dollars except this handbound longstitch notebook by Veterok. But, you know, it’s handbound, so duh. Even the tassles are handmade!

Before you go, take a closer look at the glass display box by ABJ Glassworks. It’s not actually square, but instead is posed on one of its corners, offering a tilted view at whatever is inside. A detachable chain hangs from the top of the box, allowing you to display a ring from above and more at the base – or you can remove the chain and house an air plant inside as seen above. It can be customized with a date or initials – maybe as an engagement box. (Just a reminder: women can propose to men, too!)

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