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As of yesterday, Washington state has legalized gay marriage and recreational marijuana use.

So obviously everyone should get married in a hemp wedding dress by Michael Kors.

I should mention that this isn’t intended to be a wedding dress; I just decided that it is one. In actuality, it is the Crepe de Chine Dress, and it is made of hemp (and what else? no one knows, so I hope it’s mostly just hemp, because otherwise we’ve been misled, dear readers). It is also on sale! Instead of $3,995.00, it only costs a measly $1,398.00. Let me check the couch cushions.

(I’m broke due to Christmas. I’m a little irritated about it. Forgive me.)

It’s also not white, so no one has to pretend they’re a virgin.

Crepe de Chine Dress: $1,398

ETA: On further inspection, I’ve found that the website I found this dress on mislabeled it. The color is “hemp,” but the material is silk. Screw it – the wedding is off!

…but the open bar is already paid for, so let’s all have a drink and lament ethical fabric misrepresentation. (Happy Friday!)

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