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I really love useful things, and things that used to be useful, but then were made into pretty things. Hence my love of recycling, and my obsession with Etsy. (It is what started this blog!)

So what do you get when you cross recycled materials with design-inspired usefulness? You get really good gifts, that’s what.

Design-Inspired Holiday Gifts

What started this whole post? A pair of pups made of recycled newspaper. Each dog is made of shredded and rolled newspapers, and costs $159. If you think they’re cute, scroll down: you can buy your pooch a pair of reindeer antlers or $39!

Next to the pups are a pair of vintage scissors shaped like a crane ($36). This necklace is made in a 100% wind-powered home studio – totally independent.

Below that is a silver spoon ring ($23.50) – and yes, it’s made of an actual silver spoon. This one was cast in 1949, but there are many others, and you can even get one monogrammed.

Then there’s my favorite, favorite, hint hint family and friends: a set of stacking recycled bottles. The large set is $19 and the small set is only $14. So. Cheap. (I’m surprised!)

Last but not least is a decorative demi-john glass jar made of recycled glass. It’s definitely a display piece, and costs a whopping $139.

And now, for those antlers…

Newspaper Dogs with Antlers

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