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While Haley was here (spoiler alert! she moved back to Mississippi), we spent a lot of time at the whale trail along Alki Beach.


This photo is from Alki too, late a night, during a low, low tide. These barnacles were huge, and this photo was shot with only a cell phone light and a whole lot of rain to obscure things.


My favorite coffee shop – and that says something when one lives in Seattle – is Vivace…and it’s not because of the latte art (though I do want to photograph it every. single. time.). Their lattes taste like little espresso clouds.


Haley and I went to Goodwill. There were a lot of CRTs there.


I got this crochet hat at Goodwill. It is slouchy, which means it’s perfect for ponytails. (I’m growing my hair out.)


This is my cat, Simon, sitting in my brand new “zen room” (aka Haley’s room after she left). I’m kind of loving this little place made of healthy plants, the quiet and whatever else I want. Nothing I’m not interested in gets in.


Mushrooms! There are a bunch of these in my yard. They are not food because my dog poops in that yard, but they are pretty and…like to cuddle?


A couple of days ago, I went to Pike Place Market looking for a little solace: this year has been incredibly difficult for me and my family, and this month harder than most. Thanks, Market, for providing what I needed.

These photos were taken using Instagram. Follow me @errantly.

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