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One of my favorite things about cold weather running is seeing all of the neighborhood roses that bloom over winter. Our weather is sometimes just warm enough for the hardiest roses to push out a few extra blossoms; seeing them always cheers me up (even when I’m on the last leg of an uphill jog and I can’t feel my toes).

The smell of roses is said to have a calming effect, and act as an antidepressant. They’re good for the skin, and remind us of love…it’s said that Cleopatra wore rose oil when she first met Mark Anthony.

I’ve loved roses since I was little, and especially winter roses. Those little fighters, the rebels! What are they doing trying to bloom through the frost, anyway? They just don’t listen. The stubborn was born right into them.

I keep a vial of rose oil in my medicine cabinet and wear it with essence of jasmine; I also have various rose candles, incense and soaps. I thought I’d share a few rose-related items I’ve found since reaffirming my love for roses in the past week. Maybe they’ll bring you calm, happy feelings…or a rebellious winter love.

Rose Products for Men & Women

organic rose clothing men and women

Rose Products for Home

rose comforter and cleaning supplies

Rose Products for Beauty

ethical rose-scented beauty products

If you’re looking for hardy winter roses, check out Heirloom Roses in Oregon. I found them while researching this post and they (a) seem to know their stuff, and (b) are local to the Pacific Northwest, a great area for rose cultivation. They can ship directly to you.

Do you love all flowers, and want to wear them like talismans? Me too. Check out this post about Katee Marie, who presses dried flowers in resin to make beautiful jewelry.

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