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It has become important to me that I figure out which things make home feel like home, and then stock them. It’s especially important that I do this before I come down with the flu and am stuck at home, too feverish to make soup, let alone go out for cough syrup and tea lights.


I have found that, at minimum, I need three things at my disposal when I am home sick (and also not sick): a bunch of candles, the perfect tea, and plants. Lots of plants.

Home Necessity: The Perfect Soy-Based Candles

the perfect candles (awakenedaestheticdotcom)

About a month ago I gutted my second bedroom (which had previous lives as a storage space, my dog’s room and a guest room) and turned it into…my space. A safe space. I imagined tens of candles…but I don’t have tens of candles, or candle holders. When did that happen?

It’s time to stock up. Three of my favorite candle companies are Paddywax, Chilanthropy and Skeem.

Home Necessity: The Perfect Tea

the perfect tea (awakenedaestheticdotcom)

The perfect tea is subjective, and for me, it’s dependent on time, place, how I’m feeling…but here are a few of my current favorites (subject to change):

Home Necessity: Greenery (A Whole Lotta Plants)

the perfect local plants (awakenedaestheticdotcom)

For this part, I’m going to direct you to find your local nursery. (Shout out to the West Seattle Nursery!) Ask which plants are native to your area and, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, those that are easiest to care for. (I’m horrible with flowering plants.) If the above link doesn’t have a location for a nursery near you, use Yelp.com or find a farmer’s market – they’ll be able to direct you to one.

All of my plants are hand-me-downs and strays: my bamboo stalks survived a floral arrangement I received eight years ago; a few leafy greens were housewarming gift; others came from a family friend’s house after she passed away – she loved plants and it really bothered me that I could only take a few.

Plants aren’t that difficult if you know what they need. Mine all get watered once a week and have their soil changed when it starts to look…off (it’s only happened once so far). I can’t tell you how much having them has added to my home, so if you can get to a nursery and find the social courage to chat with someone who really knows plants, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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