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Last weekend I got to watch the sun rise over Ontario and set over the Midwestern US (I was on a westbound plane so it lasted forever!), and to play under a midnight sky and the noontime heat with some of my favorite people. I took a few important notes on my trip to visit my northern neighbors:

  1. Anyone can wear a crop top, even my 6′ friend who wishes she had abs, even 5′ me who worries about love handles.
  2. Canada has better candy.  I admit it and mourn my lack of Coffee Crisp.
  3. I’d rather stay up too late drinking local beer and dancing than be well-rested for a trip to Niagara Falls.  Don’t get me wrong: the falls were beautiful…but seeing them with a hangover was worth it for the blueberry ale, extra hoppy IPA and new friends I drunkenly made.  At the same time…
  4. Getting up early can be just as fulfilling as staying up late.  That is, if you have a chipper morning person who knows you well enough to immediately take you to The Distillery District for some of the best coffee in the city.  (Thank you, Georgia.)
  5. I am very good at falling in love with cities.  Toronto, let’s go on another date soon. I’ll buy the poutine.

But the sunrise and moonrise have stuck with me, along with some of the crazy mixed-message fashions of Toronto: I saw vintage-style dresses paired with sneaker boots, sequin unicorns over Doc Martens, fringe and dark skulls married to tight, bright leggings.

Like day paired with night, sunrise with moonrise, the summer heat and cool, wild nights.

Clothing Inspired by Sunrise


Sunrise Clothing



Clothing Inspired by Moonrise

Moonrise Clothing


  1. Janey Clothing Sunrise Silk Blouse (indie)
  2. Mata Traders Shield Ring (fair trade)
  3. Curator Magenta Dress (organic)
  4. Lace&Liberty Tequila Sunrise Cutoff Distressed Shorts (indie, vintage)
  5. Swedish Hasbeens Heart Sandal (organic)
  6. Strathcona Stockings Paris Skies Socks (indie, hand-dyed)


  1. FluffyCo. Fases de la Luna Tee (organic)
  2. Mata Traders Crescent Necklace (fair trade)
  3. The People’s Movement Jade Sneaker (organic, recycled)
  4. Skunkfunk Black and White Dress (organic)
  5. Nancy Dee Rosie Origami Dress (organic)

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  1. Letitia - The Fashion Editor (@lilliestyle ) says:

    Ahh there used to be a day when I could wear those pink shorts. Miss those days ;)

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