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When I am looking for dresses with a vintage feel, ModCloth is my jam. Always.

I’ve been looking a lot lately, actually. After I dyed my hair purple at local Seattle salon Spectrum House we did a little photoshoot, and one of my “looks” included some gorgeous victory rolls. (I’m even featured on their Facebook page!) I am also a bridesmaid in a wedding that has a distinct retro bent and, when we went out for the bachelorette party, the theme was pin-up. My hair was styled in victory rolls yet again, and I was hooked.

Purple Pin-Up Hair -
I still need to learn to create victory rolls on my own – I’m going to use this tutorial to practice – but along with that I need to start supplementing my wardrobe with more vintage-looking and pin-up style dresses. Where to find vintage style clothing…hmm…definitely ModCloth! (FYI: If you click that link and end up placing an order, you’ll get $15 off your purchase and I’ll get $15 off a future purchase. Win-win!)

ModCloth doesn’t only stock eco-friendly items, but they do stock a number of them. Here are my favorite eco-friendly dresses of the moment: some are pin-up, some are vintage-ish, and some are just plain great.


Eco-Friendly Pin-Up Dresses

ModCloth Eco-Friendly Vintage-Style Dresses
Top Row: Plaid a Good Time Dress by People Tree; I Crane, I Saw, I Conquered Dress by Mata Traders; You Feather Believe It Dress; Why Nautical Dress in Navy and Red.

Bottom Row: Journey Through Momentos Dress in red and blue by Mata Traders; Champs-Elysees You Do Too Dress by Bibico; Riviera Romance Dress in Navy.

That Gorgeous Dress in the Middle: Floral in All Dress by People Tree.

Don’t forget: you can use this link to get $15 off your first ModCloth purchase of $50 or more. (You’ll want to sign up using said link, then add the above items to your cart.) Enjoy!

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