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I follow J. Topolski, a New York Etsy designer, on Facebook (click here!), and recently she posted a new ring design that I must have.

No, really, there’s no option here. No choice. I need this.

Rhino Ring by J. Topolski

It’s a rhinoceros ring. HOW DO I NOT OWN IT ALREADY.* The world is a confusing place.

*It’s not yet available for purchase, that’s why.

I already have something by J. Topolski, a gorgeous whale skeleton necklace etched in copper that I wear all the time. It isn’t like I’d buy you and keep you in a dark jewelry box, rhino. I’d wear you. I’d show you to the world.

Copper Whale Necklace - Awakened Aesthetic

(Sometimes my whale is diving and sometimes it is surfacing. I like to make up stories about it when I notice it. Is there a squid down there, waiting to be eaten? Did you get an A on your exam and are you about to breach in celebration?)


I want it. I also want these papier-mâché rhinos, which are hand-made of recycled materials in Port-au-Prince by Caribbean Craft, which creates jobs in Haiti.

Papier Mache Rhinos

All the rhinos. Give them to me.

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