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Material Good: Little Shirley, Big Difference

November 5, 2012

Seattle-based business Material Good took a simple idea and turned it into a way to give back to their local community.  Their assertion is that you feel more connected to a cause when your giving gets you something back in

Etsy Daily: Paper Sack Vase

April 23, 2012

I’ve almost convinced myself to spend hundreds of dollars on shelves to line the top of every one of my windows.  I love handmade knickknacks, fresh flowers and other “this is useless so just set it on a thing and

Octopus Jellyfish Coral Reef Giraffe Sort of Thing

October 4, 2011

Remember my idea to decorate my office with sea-themed decor? Scratch at least one of the bobbles I listed, because I just stumbled upon the perfect piece.

How. Cool. Is that.

It’s like some sort of octopus jellyfish coral …